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Michigan Diabetes Improvement Plan

michigan diabetes improvement plan The Diabetes Prevention and Control Program (DPCP) at the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services developed a five-year Diabetes Improvement Plan in collaboration with partners who represent many facets of diabetes experience, care, and advocacy. It reflects the priorities expressed by these partners, and our commitment to Michigan residents with diabetes.

In the plan that follows, the DPCP outlines three priority areas and their goals: State Leadership, Diabetes Prevention, and Diabetes Management. Many of the strategies we will use to address these goals highlight health equity. The impact of diabetes varies greatly between communities, and ensuring that increased resources are directed to those with greatest needs can reduce diabetes disparities and improve population health for Michigan residents.

Michigan Diabetes Action Plan

The Michigan Diabetes Prevention Action Plan Extension 2018-2020 was an extension of the 2016-2018 plan which has three strategic areas of focus:
  • Prediabetes Awareness
  • Health Systems Policy (Screen, Test, Refer and Coverage)
  • Community Clinical Linkages
The 2018-2020 extension allowed diabetes prevention partners statewide to focus on goals and strategies where further work is needed to increase access to the National Diabetes Prevention Program among Michigan residents at high risk for developing type 2 diabetes. In the summer of 2018, partners came together to discuss key successes to date and develop recommended actions that could be taken by 2020 to accomplish strategies that were not yet met through the 2016-2018 plan.

The plan includes newly developed action items, along with a summary of key strategic partners, first by focus area and then by strategy.
prediabetes awarenesshealth systems policycommunity clinical linkages

Members of the Prevention Network participate in plan activities via two workgroups, Screen, Test, Refer and Coverage/Reimbursement.

View the most recent update of the Michigan Diabetes Prevention Action Plan Extension 2018-2020 Monitoring Document
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